Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0

Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0


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Introducing advanced child safety protection and caregiver peace of mind in an easy-to-use, convertible car seat—the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0. The newest addition to the CYBEX Gold Car Seat family, the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 integrates important safety technology into the chest clip of the car seat to alert when unsafe situations arise. It monitors the well-being of the seated child through the smart chest clip that is synced with the installed vehicle receiver and the caregiver’s smartphone. Originally developed to prevent the rising number of infant hot car deaths, SensorSafe 2.0 goes a step further to monitor the well being of the child while the vehicle is in motion. Alerting caregivers if a child is accidentally left behind in the car, or if a child unbuckles themselves while the vehicle is in motion, the SensorSafe 2.0 offers peace of mind. Your baby will ride surrounded by comfort and, most importantly, safety in the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0. You as the caregiver will receive essential alerts to the well being of your child, but also includes top safety functionality, including the L.S.P. System, which reduces forces felt by the baby by up to 25% should you experience a side impact collision and a 12-position height adjustable headrest with an integrated no-rethread harness for protection that grows with your child. Rear-facing installation from 5 lbs. to 40 lbs., or Forward Facing from 20 lbs. to 65 lbs


Manufacturer: CYBEX

Limitations: Rear-facing 5-40 lbs Forward-facing 20-65 lbs


We are not permitted to install car seats

*** Please visit the National Highway Traffic Safty Administration Website for instructions ***